Granny chick

I scored a bargain this weekend with a copy of ‘granny chic ‘ by dottie angel and ted&agnes, bloggers extraordinaire. Reader, get thee to the bookshop if you love Liberty prints, doilies or antimacassars (score double if you know why they are called antimacassars). There are some quietly lovely ideas here. Some I’ve done myselfContinue reading “Granny chick”

I could make that!

To WH Smith and my hot sticky mitts curl around the new Prima Christmas Makes magazine. Hey, at £3.99 its a quid cheaper than Let’s Knit, I’ve a 3 hr journey ahead of me and I have enough 10mm needles (the LK freebie) to see me through until retirement. Prima is duly plumped for. What’sContinue reading “I could make that!”