Casting about

So, I quite often use this blog as a place to explore my tortured artist musings. I am aware I can be let’s say, generous, with my thinking in that I do think a LOT and I’m fairly certain this can be a bit tedious for you all to have to wade through. So, today, I woke up at quarter to five but instead of telling you the various stages of despair that brings I thought I would tell you about how I banish said frustration….

Podcasts. Yup, I have become a bit of a podcast junkie. I know I know these are not new. I know I know that everyone else has been tuning I for. YEARS . But I’m here now and loving them.

Reasons for listening to podcasts,

1. They are a distraction

I would love to say I listen for cerebral reasons only but the truth is that they distract me from my physical stresses and they give me breathing room as a result. Distraction is the best anaesthetic. .

2. They are predictable

I know what I’m going to get. This is good at 5am. if I want food for thought I go to one show. If I want fun, I go to another. Simples.

3. They are educational

I love learning. I don’t listen to fiction podcasts. My library is all art theory, philosophy, history and health podcasts. I can’t tell you how much my general knowledge has improved!

4. They are funny

Lone early starts are normally quite miserable. The podcasts I listen to make this a bit easier to handle.

5. They are not visual

Physically it’s difficult to watch( a screen comfortably until my meds have kicked in. Podcasts bridge that gap between doses beautifully. See distraction point above.


Well I have to do this don’t I? These are my top five podcasts. I listen to many more but these are the ones I look forward to.

Fortunately – Fi Glover & Jane Garvey

Art Juice – Louise Fletcher & Alice Sheridan.

Philosophize This – Stephen West

Older and Wider – Jenny Eclair and Judith Holder

You’re Dead to Me – BBC


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