It's October, the air is crispier and so is my life. Stitch Towers is under new management (mine) and life is both challenging and stimulating. I am middle aged, I admit it, but I have never had to fend for myself until now. It's not a barrel of laughs but I'm not drowning quite yet.Continue reading “Revamp”

Six weeks

  The school doors at last are shut and locked up The alarm clock is quiet, we won’t get up For a while – tho’ the dawn chorus is loud, in full swing Nor will I be running wild, packing up the school things into bags, bleary eyed, rumpled, unironed, dishevelled. My sleep deprivation has a hope ofContinue reading “Six weeks”


  I had to share…despite this blogs name it’s been a while since any true stitchery has graced the virtual pages of my life…but here, here is my latest creation. It’s a fundraiser for Little One’s pre-school. I was up ‘tail 3am this morning as today is the summer fair. My best friend, The ChildContinue reading “Stitch!!!”

Book it!

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