Pack hack

i always feel a bit bad about the amount of packaging Amazon wrap around my purchase so today I decided to reuse the envelope that carried Elder’s first clarinet book to us so abley. I basically covered the gatefold envelope with some paper sheets I had and then used a hole punch to make aContinue reading “Pack hack”

Log cabin decoupage

Here’s a very quick make. I got a boring plain wood small photograph frame for 99p from our local charity shop. And some free decoupage paper from a craft magazine (crafts beautiful). Instead of scattering the paper randomly however, I did it in strips in a sort of log cabin kind of pattern. I thinkContinue reading “Log cabin decoupage”


So, here’s a quick tutorial, Stitch style. I used an old frame, bought in a charidee for 50p and, using watered down PVA Glue, I covered it with old gold tissue paper. I left it to dry and went to work on the picture. This was a product of a digital sketch of a bird…Continue reading “Singalongasongofsixpence”

Light touch

  I have never played with lampshades before, but I Will again. I’m thrilled! Want to make one too? Here’s how.. find an old lampshade. Mine was 50p from my local charidee. I ripped off the lampshade tape top and bottom but left the shade. using watered down PVA glue, stick scraps of fabric allContinue reading “Light touch”

Skirting the issue

Brixham charity shops rock. I got this skirt from Sue Ryder today for £2 and have spent the evening chopping it up. Expect a post with a tutorial for making a stitchy kit bag shortly. I couldn’t however, wait to show you the fabric. Isn’t it great? 50’s stylee sewing bits and bobs. I foreseeContinue reading “Skirting the issue”