I can handle it

So, I was given an amazing stash of buttons by a good friend a while ago…
And at the same time the handles on my work bag started to go manky and I was about to bin it when I  had one of my ideas. Can I use the buttons somehow to elongate the lifetime of my bag?

Well, the answer is yes. I cut off the frayed handles. Then I took some jewellery wire, Doubled it up, looped it thru the first d-ring and threaded buttons on. I chose the more plain, normal ones because you don’t see the face of the button. This is a good button stash–buster project.

Once I had threaded enough to make a short briefcase handle, I fixed the end by wrapping the wire around the second D ring and then itself as many times as it would go.

Repeat for the second handle and there you have it. I hope you like it!









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