Rip it up?

I’m as torn as this lovely quilt that arrived today. Do I chop it up and turn it into pictures, pillows and the like? The quilting is exquisite, flowers, feathers, tiny tiny cross hatching. How do I do it justice? Like I said, torn. Ideas?

Frame it fast!

Now you know I love a charity shop…today I scored a bashed up frame for the grand total of £1.99. Elder did a pastel of the Queen over the Summer and I promised to frame it. Et voila! The picture was a little too big so I used some hessian laid around the edge ofContinue reading “Frame it fast!”


You might remember that I found a vintage Kenwood mixer out on the pavement near my house while on the school run. Well, my Other Half whisked it away (pun intended) and recently delivered it back, all spruced up, shiny and as good as new. New paint job, motor refurb end, the lot. All forContinue reading “Re-mix”

Staple die-t

Well, now that Christmas is over, I can post about some of the things I made! I hope my recipients don’t mind, but there are some ideas here that I thought would be nice share. I’d be interested to see what everybody else gets up to with them. First up, is a little footstool IContinue reading “Staple die-t”