Work in progress

Not Just this wreath. Everything is, isn’t it? Today has been a very interesting day. I told my employer about the Parkinsons. They didn’t fall over. Which wasn’t bad. Let’s hope it continues.

Blue birds

I reinterpreted my Easter wreath for a friend’s birthday…I could get into making these…

Easy as tweety pie

As promised…a tweety tutorial. This is a really satisfying project as its so quick. I used a wire wreath form that I bought for pennies on eBay. I then wrapped old tissue paper and ( forgive me) loo roll around it, squished it a bit and Sellotaped it secure. Then I got out my scraps….


My brood is growing…

My kind of Tweet

A sneak preview. My Easter wreath cometh soon. This chap has star billing. And I found bunny vintage fabric!! . What are you doing this Easter?

Wreath it

Just back from a lovely evening making wreaths at The Knitting Lady’s house. This is where we go for knitting club. A Scandinavian/Cotswold (ScanWold?!?!) homage to tasteful vintage and handicrafts. And the house isn’t bad either. Love the ladies, I really do. Anyway, do you like my wreath? Brixham-bought shells, edelweiss-like flowers (don’t get me…