Define casting on?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a new project at all, oh no. I’m just playing. I ordered this book from the States second hand ages ago and it finally showed up yesterday. It’s written by Maggie Righetti who did the absolutely brilliant Knitting in Plain English. This woman is a goddess. Really useful information and ideas I use all the time. Go buy!!

Anyway, I’ve only got 20 rows on the jacket to go before I do The Collar. It’s knit club on Monday so I will probably get help then as picking up stitches is not a strength. But….I miss starting something new. These resolutions are tricky aren’t they? Hence me bringing Maggie along. A fresh flavour rather than a brand new Happy Meal.

As you can see I’m back on the train. I like the gritty realism of my photo background, don’t you? If you had to spend upwards of 6 hours traveling a day what would you bring along to do? I have a toy loom but I fear that may be a step too far? What do you think?


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