In which the author realises there is no hope

It’s no good, however hard I try I can’t find that elusive 25th hour in the day and neither can I seem to run my life with the level of organisation I would like to. I have a to do list in my head that’s keeping me awake at night which I’m trying to whittle down but don’t seem to make an impression on. I know I’m not alone but what the @&()?#%^* is the answer?

My problem is that I think it’s fundamentally wrong to spend every minute of the day doing jobs. I figure I’m due a little down time. I’m only talking an hour or two. But how to fit in the daily chores while doing incremental jobs like sorting through all my paperwork or clearing out the cupboards? I’m clean out of ideas.

My typical head in the sand response has been to start a new project. One more for my list. Here’s a peek. Like it? I’ll post links to the pattern when I get to my pc at home. It’s easy enough for a novice like me yo do it. It will be a skinny summer (2012 probably) scarf eventually. Yeah right.


2 responses to “In which the author realises there is no hope”

  1. Pretttttttty. I’m just learning crochet myself and thought a skinny scarf would be a good place to start. I’m quite keen on this pattern:


    1. great link – I may have to start another project…


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