To do or not to do?

i really must....

Looking back on this blog I’m struck by my total inability to finish…I love to start a project but hate to end it. So I’m going back to my to do list approach to see if i can actually achieve something over the next few weeks. Bear with me. Please.

Make tea tray quilt – am fired up on this one
Finish little one’s jacket – just the sewing
Invent a laundry system – there must be life after the sock monster (eats all the socks don’t you know)
Pace myself – I’ve been shattered the past few days
Get fit – I’m sure I’ll feel better if im a bit healthier
Go back to weight watchers – I’m off that particular wagon at the mo
make some toys – they lighten the heart
Speak to my family more often – not the ones I live with. Obviously.
Get organised!!!!!!!!!!!! I need all the help I can get.

I’m a bit overwhelmed. Must go lie down (big tick against ‘page myself’)


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