Down at the old Bull and Bush…

Back to work tomorrow. I have been getting used to not being frazzled so am a little worried but on the other hand my lists have been going very well today so I have to have faith, don’t I? Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff. I’ve been clearing the decks so as to reduce stressContinue reading “Down at the old Bull and Bush…”

What shall we do today?

Elder and I had a lovely day together yesterday. We dropped Little One off at nursery and went for a cup of tea at Waitrose (BIG treat), caught the bus into town, forgot all about household chores for a while (me), was thrilled with a ‘well done’ sticker from the dentist (him) and mooched round theContinue reading “What shall we do today?”

Reasons to be cheerful

Let’s be upbeat today: I’m powering through last week’s list I’m not felled by ‘flu (yet) unlike the rest of my family My job is going good – hurrah! So are my meds – double hurrah! No ironing in my way – the relief It’s not raining, it’s cold but it’s not raining I’ve doneContinue reading “Reasons to be cheerful”