Waiting room bingo

Shall we play a game? How long will I have to wait for my parkinsons nurse appointment? It’s set for 11am. Normally it’s at least an hour late. I have knitting and crochet with me. To kill time you see. Not to show off I can still hold the needles/hook. Not at all.

No reason for the picture, I just like bobbins.


Update: I waited 6 minutes! World record. I didn’t even crack open the knitting. PD nurse was as lovely as ever. Really helpful and practical. I’m being referred to various ‘ist’s and my meds upped a bit. Ho hum. On the plus side, I might be able to knit a bit faster. Normally I work in geological timescales.


2 responses to “Waiting room bingo”

  1. Hey, just found your blog via Mumsnet bloggers network. You have Parkinsons? My father in law has it and he’s been having difficulty grasping small objects, how do you manage the illness with crafting?


    1. I sew and knit very slowly! Also my meds are pretty good. Overall I just get o nwith it – stitching of any kind makes me happy so its worth the effort. What does your FIL enjoy?


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