Having Parkinsons means I have to learn patience….one day…. Wait with me While I tremble Wait with me While I falter Wait with me While I regroup While I reset While I restart Wait with me Or not I will be here Until I can walk Elsewhere.

Lucky number

So, as I said last time, I’ve started a new arts space here in stitchopolis. It’s my new baby and I’m loving it. I’ve come to realize That the genesis of this venture is a massive step for me. For Once instead of saying ‘one day I will do that’ I’ve just got up and…


I have a confession to make, I have another love in my life. I have been working on another venture and this weekend it took flight. I am now the founder of an arts space here in Stitchopolis. Can you believe it??  Check it out here.  Hope you like!

on being counted

ok, how are we all today? the last day of 2016, a strange and momentous year in so many ways. I am mulling over the implications of the macro political and economic shifts, really I am, but lets face it, that’s a bit too high brow for my normal posts isn’t it? But I have…


So I’m on a tube. Speeding from Baker Street to Waterloo. Ion the silver shiny jubilee line.  This was my old commute down to Canary Wharf. Today I get off earlier but oh how much have I reacted to this trip? I feel such a sense of loss as I stand here avoiding tourist backpacks….

Silver spoon

I look for a silver spoon To help the medicine go down  The bitter taste sticks around And reminds me that  Life is not all sugar It’s not so sweet at times. But then, sugar isn’t really sweet A history stained with tyranny and tears.  Shielded by marketing and greed But it fixes the rancid…

Arnold’s song, or total recall

How do you remember? Cast your mind far behind to the past. Is it taste, smell or touch Which one gives you a rush? Which one transports you through space and time? Recognition is fickle, And synapses crackle With altered results every go. Which version of truth Is the one you produce Is it the…

If. Or, Pollie writes a poem

A blank page is an opportunity. It beckons But I stall. I’m shy, uncertain, What if this is all? All I can produce. All I can get down. Small and stuttered, Slurred and slowed, I’m starting to slow down. What if I never find my voice What if it’s gone from me? Stealing into the…


Step Lemmings throw themselves Weeds drape Beetles clamber And eggs roll The edge marks a start A change you can’t change A turn or a twist A drop or a fall A push A shove Nails drag as they cling Some change is a good thing Some Step


I sometimes wonder whether I spend my time wisely Or whether I squander it on fripperies Of action. What is of best value Trekking the contours of a newfound adventure Unlike your feet bleed but your heart is full Or Listening to the still body echo The tiny repeating call of my bones And listening…