Back to life…

…back to reality. Blogging on the move back home after our little sojourn…


We bought ‘salty sea dog’ clothes this morning in Salcombe from my favourite theme shop, Seasalt. Also ventured into Quba Sails – felt v old and unglamorous but was enchanted by the clothes and sale prices. I swear, age may not diminish us but i definitely am losing my indie chick vibe. Invasion of the Boden bodysnatchers. Quite worrying. I try to temper these tendencies by playing charity shop chic as you know but I do like a nice navy jumper. Nice.

But I digress. After emptying the bank account we are heading home. I hate the (sometimes) drudgery of motherhood but I have missed the boys and want some cuddles pronto. They don’t care I will never be a Quba girl. Which is handy.


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