Every cloud…


It’s blazing sun here and I’m inside contemplating autumn. Little One’s cold has claimed him with a vengeance and he’s sleeping next door and I am lone attendant. The rest of the family are out on the boat. So I sit and knit.

This is a new school scarf for Elder. Made from Big Softie I got in Cardigan Market earlier in the summer. Knits up lovely and fast. Instant gratification – nice. I’m also embroidering a wedding ring cushion. Bit of a deadline involved since the wedding is Saturday! It’s quite nice to have the space and time to stitch. No telly just seagulls. And baby sneezes. The soundtrack to my morning.


One response to “Every cloud…”

  1. I hope he is feeling better soon. And that you continue to enjoy the peace and quiet until he is back to normal.


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