Every cloud…


It’s blazing sun here and I’m inside contemplating autumn. Little One’s cold has claimed him with a vengeance and he’s sleeping next door and I am lone attendant. The rest of the family are out on the boat. So I sit and knit.

This is a new school scarf for Elder. Made from Big Softie I got in Cardigan Market earlier in the summer. Knits up lovely and fast. Instant gratification – nice. I’m also embroidering a wedding ring cushion. Bit of a deadline involved since the wedding is Saturday! It’s quite nice to have the space and time to stitch. No telly just seagulls. And baby sneezes. The soundtrack to my morning.

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  1. MmeLindor says:

    I hope he is feeling better soon. And that you continue to enjoy the peace and quiet until he is back to normal.


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