Baby steps

These boots were made for walkin'

This week is about baby steps on a number of levels. Little One is now a ‘proper’ toddler – do you like his shoes?! I love seeing them all laid out! He’s so pleased with himself!

And I’m progressing too. I already talked about light at the end of the tunnel here. Add to that me signing up to a proper yoga class (yes, I am actually doing what my physio suggested, got to be a first) which I went to last night. Wonderful. And I only toppled over twice! I’m sleeping better after cutting out my evening glass (OK,  glasses sometimes) of wine. The interaction with the meds seems to be quite pronounced so it looks like my days of wine and roses are over – I’m still deciding how I feel about this one. I won’t completely give it up but I’m cutting it down dramatically definately.

Finally I’m talking to someone to get my head round the diagnosis and lots of other stressy things that have been happening over the psat yer or so – illness, work upheavel, bereavement – a veritable ‘Stenders of activity. Very early days but I’m hopeful.

So that’s me. What are you making baby steps towards?

Oh yes – and is doing a new swap! Hurrah! More on this when I find out….


  1. Aw, those first steps are so precious! (And the shoes are so cute.)

    I’m doing yoga, too – although my class doesn’t restart for a fortnight. It does seem useful, and is certainly less stressful than other stuff that physios like to suggest, like running, or skipping (I couldn’t skip with a rope when I was a child – no way does having Parkinson’s now make it any easier. Plus you can’t do it in your living room, can you?). Small children make organised exercise difficult, I have found.

    What meds are you on? My rasagiline seems to tolerate a glass of wine, but the ropinerole-in-waiting has warnings all over it about alcohol. However, anectdote suggests that it just makes you drowsier, so it may be possible to indulge every now and then.

    My baby steps? I think that would be towards making the “artist” on my new homemade business cards a reality! Shame my chosen mode is so dependent on the weather, though…

    • I’m on ropinerole which does have alcohol verboten all over it. That said I told my GP I fully intended to have a snifter every now and then and she was OK with it. It just magnifies the effects. There’s quite a lot on the PDUK forum about it. Good baby steps btw….go for it! lol re skipping…

  2. I love that photo, so cute all the shoes lined up in a row.

    Glad that you are feeling better and that your new regime is bringing positive results.

    My babysteps: to write every day. Not just my blog but to work on my novel, and to take myself more seriously as a writer.

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