All fired up

Divine inspiration?

We were chatting on the Mumsnet bloggers forum the other day when the idea  of inspiration sources came up. When you dream up a new idea, design or any general crafty lovely where does that initial spark come from? Here’s my litany.

Books, Blogs and magazines

Pretty blardy obvious but not just craft books and mags – I like children’s books, old 40’s annuals, art books, Vogue – a real mix. Blogs give great tutorials and starter ideas – have a look at those on my blogroll if you want.


God bless my iPhone – I snap away all the time. I use the pictures here but I also use them to give me ideas – look, here’s a cushion I spotted in a lovely shop near where I live How much??!!! – gorgeous but killingly expensive. It turned into my Christmas cushion eventually.


Sometimes I need to make something red. Or black. Or green. What can I say, it’s an urge.


By which I mean, things that bother me. Like ‘why cant I knit faster’.stalagtites grow faster...

This scarf took ages – but I made it to prove I could. It was before I started my meds and progress was tortuous but that was my catalyst as it were.

And finally….

Sometimes you just wake up in the middle of the night and ping!!!! I credit synaptic synergies for my tea-tray quilt. I will finish it. Honest.

What floats your boat? Do tell.


2 responses to “All fired up”

  1. Great post!

    My inspiration comes from all over the place, but at the moment I have a bit of a pinterest addiction and an awful lot of my inspiration comes from there.

    Another source for me is my dreams, I seem to have a lot of inspirational ideas in my dreams, feelings, or colours, or patterns, will feature in a dream and when I wake up I have to write or draw if down and then try to create something inspired by that.

    Other people’s blogs also inspire me a lot. I don;t mean I copy things other people have done, more that seeing their pictures or reading bout their crafts then gets my mind working and I get inspired to be creative based on that.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Ah yes, pininterest. Addictive!!


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