To Cheltenham and the ever-growing Literature Festival. Other Half and I went to the All Stars Poetry Slam with friends. Conclusions from the evening were:

Poetry rocks
Worthy poetry less so
My friend had a groovy Classics teacher (the organiser, Marcus Moore)
Slams would be even better if drinks were allowed
You can get a drink at The Queens approximately 4 minutes after spotting the stupidly long queue at the (tiny) Festival bar
The toilets at The Queens are a disgrace
The range of folk who are into poetry is really quite broad
As is the subject matter…nestle, fridge fairies, glitter strewn panic attack rooms in supermarkets, low grade porn, hippy retreats, Afghanistan, time travel…..and an ex-shoe.
Poetry performance is far more than recitation, you need to be able to project way more than the words
I loved it
And finally….
1am is way too late for me to be going to bed



One response to “Slam!”

  1. […] year, another poetry slam. I went to this two years ago if you remember. We had a great time again, that’s there were a couple of repetitions from […]


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