I could sell that!

Look out for my shop!
Let’s face it, the economy is absolutely buggered. ‘Scuse my French but really, it’s falling over big time. You don’t need an economics degree to understand that we’ll all be rummaging behind the sofa for pennies soon enough. I’m lucky in that I’ve got a good job I enjoy but you and I both know that Uncle Parkinson will put a dampner on that in due course (not for a good while longer I hope). So, in my highly sensible (?) way, I have been daydreaming while stitching on my interminable train journies.

World domination Stith This Stylee. Oh yes.

Rents are straospheric in my town so any thoughts of a lovely shop or cafe are not only a cliche, they are loss making, so out they go. A shame though. I’d love to run a Makery type affair). i have a firen dwho is considering something along these lines so I hope I’m wrong on my financial analysis. No doubt I am.

What about online? I’m rubbish at deadlines and getting to the Post Office so I can’t deal in anything tangible. Also, that means upfront expenditure which is a bit painful to consider. What would the moths in my wallet do if I asked them to shift up a bit? Unthinkable.

So patterns it is. I can have them in a little Etsy shop (set up already but not open yet) and offer them as PDF downloads. I’m quite excited. Don’t worry, I’lll remember you when I’m a millionaire. Ahem.


5 responses to “I could sell that!”

  1. Great idea. I have an Etsy shop which is permanently empty as I’m too lazy or un-crafty to make things to go in it! Anyway, good luck!


  2. I, too, have an Etsy shop. Once upon a time, it had two paintings in it. They haven’t sold; they expired. I’m trying a more local way of selling now – Christmas fairs! One at the school, one at a friend’s dance group. Paintings of various sizes and greetings cards made up professionally from two selected paintings… First time for everything.


    1. It’s amazing how many Etsy shops there are, hiding in the shadows…you managed to sell the paintings though, well done! I thought your pieces were really good btw, atmospheric and strong.


      1. Not those two. They timed out on Etsy and are still languishing in my possession. I shall include them in my stock for the fairs, but I’m not sure that mannered still lifes are going to be as popular as the knife-painted landscapes or the tiny, blatantly commercial paintings of Lego minifigures that I’ve just started doing (with an eye to the school fair in particular…). I did sell two others at a Macmillan coffee morning (themed around paintings and pastries; I donated 25%). Both of those were knife-paintings.


      2. Actually, the Lego minifigures are very much in the same style as the paintings that didn’t sell on Etsy. Subject is all-important!


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