Teddy quick !



Like Little One’s checky bear? Happily he does! Very fast to make so nice to have poking out the top of a Christmas stocking. Here’s what I did.

Made a pattern by folding paper in half and drawing (half) my bear shape down the centre so as to get a symmetric bear. Don’t want a wonky teddy!

Cut 2 bears out and embroider face, ears, initials, whatever you fancy. You could use pinking shears if you don’t yearn for raggedy edges. Me, I like raw edges.

With wrong sides together sew around the edge with small running stitches. Leave a gap and stuff using whatever your preferred stuffing is. I used polyester toy stuffing because it dries fast! You might need a chopstick to get to the paws.

Finish off the running stitch.



  1. dillytante says:

    Love it! I’m going to be making a couple of these.


    1. quarkee says:

      Lucky little girls!!


  2. dillytante says:

    What did you use to sew your bears together? Looks quite thick.


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