I already mentioned my flirtation with mosaic…here’s a little project I used to get myself accustomed to the technique. I used a cheap blank birdhouse from The Works, cost 99p.          Take birdhouse, apply mosaic glue. Stick fine array of buttons where you wish. Leave to dry, overnight if you can bear it.  MixContinue reading “Tweet”

Dear teacher

So, I’m wondering what to give my sons’ teachers this year… There’s the normal, incredibly helpful, group organised team present but I want to give them something from my boys…here’s where I’ve got to so far… An ABC necklace made from Shrinkles…one of the teachers has ABC earrings, a pair for each letter. I wantedContinue reading “Dear teacher”

Big softie

We met the new baby. She is beautiful. And so, to mark the occasion, I whipped up this cushion. I finished stitching it five minutes before we went to visit. Very quickly, I used two fat quarters of contrasting fabric and bondaweb to stick the ‘z’ on. I sewed it on with running stitch andContinue reading “Big softie”

Party on a shoestring

Here’s a quick idea for making party bags that zing without any ker-Ching…this is particularly good if you had a big party a while ago because it uses all those wine bags that you end up with and feel guilty about throwing out ( well I always do.) here’s the how-to… cut down the bagContinue reading “Party on a shoestring”

Charmed I’m sure

So, it’s the last day of term tomorrow. That means just one thing. Got to get those presents together for your lovely children’s teachers. Yes, I know, this is something you should have sorted out weeks ago but who the hell does? Here’s my offering. Charms for handbags, phones ( if you’re brave) or toContinue reading “Charmed I’m sure”

Christmas wrapping buttoned up

This is my 500th post!!!! How strange I’m still tapping away, I never thought this blog would be such a key part of my life. Don’t you just love technology? Anyway, hopefully by now you’ve done your shopping and will be contemplating the marathon that is wrapping. Now, I like a glass of wine, sweetiesContinue reading “Christmas wrapping buttoned up”

Mind your Manors

OK, so I couldn’t help the title of this post. We went to a very good friend’s house today for a lovely day of picnics, screaming children, cups of tea, splashing in rivers and general mayhem. The difference being that this beautiful house is over 30 miles away from us and the aforementioned friend hasContinue reading “Mind your Manors”