Smells good…

So, here’s my latest idea for a family Christmas present. Inspired by an interview I heard on Woman’s Hour this morning With Edd Kimber the winner of last years Great British Bake Off. He was saying about how he wanted to carry on his Grandmother’s recipes and I thought, ‘I can do that!’.

The raw ingredients

I’ve spoken about my lovely mother before. What I didn’t say was that I’ve got her recipe book and card index. The book in particular is a treasure, wrapped in brown paper and filled with the family recipes handwritten by all the female generations going back to the 1930’s. Gold. What if I turn those recipes into a little book? You can’t use the original in the kitchen, it’s too precious. But a nice rendition for everyday use? Yes!

First step is to find the right software and printing options. I’m on the trail…..


  1. I’m interested in this, too! I think I saw somewhere on WordPress itself that your blog can be made into a printed book? Someday I would like to print out my blog like this for my daughter.
    I have a family ‘Mrs Beeton’ from the early 40’s, and it’s such a thrill when little handwritten recipes and notes fall out of the pages that I know were written by my mother, or aunts.

    I was quite impressed when I stumbled across the way you can create your own ebooks for free with Amazon. You can sell them and Amazon takes a percentage, so no sale, no expense. I would like to publish some short stories that way, when I can be bothered to write them!

    I would recommend ‘Blurb’. ( I’ve seen the results, which look good, but the pics were a little dark. Make sure all pics are bright and well-lit!

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