Local quilts by local people

Lyme Regis by Vanessa Reynolds

To a local quilt show. I love quilt shows, especially local ones. I live in an area with a healthy underground network of quilters. I always think of it as a secret society. Up until quite recently I’ve been relatively reticent about my love, nay obsession, with quilting. Well, it’s not been the most understood of hobbies has it? But it’s in my blood (Mum was a big quilter, I’ve been stitching since I can remember) and I love it so what the heck.

The quilt above is the one I voted for as Visitors’ Choice. Beautiful isn’t it?

The  group are called Montpellier quilters. I used to be a member, pre-boys. It’s a great group. I’m planning to rejoin in the New Year hopefully. But that will be another post. I thought you’d like some snaps instead.The quilt below was in the stylee of that slightly shall we say eccentric stitcher Jenny Raiment. Ive done a mini workshop with her a while back. She’s mad as a box of frogs and brilliant with it. This one’s called Buttons, Beads, Bags Bagatelle and is by Vanessa Reynolds too. 

Beautifully blue or At Last by Joan Hodgson

And finally, a triumph of traditional English paper piecing. The top has waited 20 or so years before being finally quilted beautifully by Joan. Isn’t it gorgeous? Do you think anyone would notice if I filched it?

In other news, Little One wasn’t quite so appreciative of the stitching finery. My visit was approximately 15 minutes in total due to wailing and general grumpiness. Never mind, eh? One day I’ll laugh about it. One day.


4 responses to “Local quilts by local people”

  1. Lovely! I’m a frequent visitor to Lyme so I particulary like the top one (but they are all gorgeous). By the way, you and Dilly have turned me from a person that doesn’t even sew on a button to a person making a robot patchwork pillow case and quilt for my son’s toddler bed (I’ve enrolled on a course so am closely supervised)!

    I’m really enjoying but not sure where I’ll find the time for everything!


    1. Maybe we’ll woo you away from the cooking! Joke! So glad you’ve been bitten by the bug. There’s no recovery I’m afraid. I’d love to go on a course, very jealous indeed.


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  3. […] I joined our local quilt group. Again. And I met a friend of my mother. Maggie Davies is a quilting celebrity now – look at […]


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