The cats meow – or, how I made a quilt

I am a great aunt. Not a ‘brilliant, super funny, laugh a minute’ great aunt, but a blade mantilla, pince nez, bath chair type of great aunt. And yesterday was my great neice’s first birthday. Now tHe first rule of quilters is ‘every baby needs a quilt’ and while a little tardy, I rose toContinue reading “The cats meow – or, how I made a quilt”

Smells like quilt spirit

Welcome to my new purchase. This is a mystery quilt indeed . Was ahorse and buggy blanket according to the original seller on eBay. But it was hidden beauty. There was a quilt inside. You can see the feed sack coverings, the red and blue. Inside once unpicked, here is the quilt too! It smellsContinue reading “Smells like quilt spirit”

long in the (blue)tooth

Bluetooth as a concept has always perplexed me – i know, i don’t get out much it always seems to have so much potential but it is ultimately disappointing. I’m sure we all have people we know who are similar. anyway, i thought id show you one of the very few gadgets ive come acrossContinue reading “long in the (blue)tooth”

Hang out the washing… Christmas

Right, this year, I’m going to get organised about Christmas. I’ve spent some of this afternoon having some ideas about what I can make friends, presents for teacher, and how to use my stash up to make some interesting Christmas ideas for my Etsy shop. All I need to do now is sketch the work,Continue reading “Hang out the washing… Christmas”

Take my breath away

I know that I am slightly weird about quilts. I feel so attached to them when they come to my door. However, this recent shipment has quite literally taken my breath away. Here are a a few initial pictures. I really don’t think I can sell the Schoolhouse one, it is absolutely gorgeous.