Bang! Jingle, jingle




To Brixham and the Big Christmas Lights Switch On. Spectacular fireworks. Look! Ferris wheel shoehorned into the harbour area. Crab shaped illuminations. Chips in the dark. Little Ones oooh’s at the fireworks. Elder scoffing party eggs.

I’m whacked and I didn’t like the crowds too much but it was worth it. Brixham does Christmas in style.


3 responses to “Bang! Jingle, jingle”

  1. Even more treats in store today. Our neighbour is towing Father Christmas round town behind his car! Hubby Steve is keeping him company. They do it every year.
    There may be a snow machine. I say ‘may’ because it conked out last year!


      1. I’m afraid I didn’t go! Apparently well received – best crowd yet. The snow machine worked but got a touch overheated. It sounded good from my kitchen, but – naughty old me! – first year I haven’t been down there to greet them!


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