True to say that my energy ebbs and flows these days. Today I did both. And a lot more too.


   I love the sound of the wind in trees. I go and listen to a tree near my house when I need space and time. Today I  listened to different trees : but the effect is the same. Bliss is in the breeze. 

Blowing in the wind

…and it is. Blowing. I am sitting outside the boys’ room in Brixham listening to a gale outside and gentle breathing inside. Elder hasn’t slept well and I’m wide awake. So I thought I’d pop in and say hello. Hello. I’ve been doing the customary year end reflections recently. As you do. It’s been a…

On the shelf

I have made some good friends since starting to blog. And one is the lovely Vicky Squires of the brilliant blog High and Tight in Brixham. I sometimes chat about Brixham here and vicky and I met up a couple of years ago as a result. We meet for chat and coffee every now and…

Plymouth, ho!

Well, I’m loving Plymouth Hoe, the lighthouse, the views, the freshers from the University. But the highlight was Pin Lane. I know, I’m shallow.


Here is a fish In my bright blue dish If he could he would wish That he wasn’t. After the last couple of days, lets be cheerful, eh? At least we aren’t in the same boat as my mackerel friend here.

Not drowning but camping

I have always said that boats are just like caravans on water – you sleep on folding beds, you have shower blocks at the marina, you cook on a little gas oven, you get a terrible nights sleep. But, ironically, if it rains you DON’T GRT WET. result. So, last night we took the boys…


The sunshine draws us to Brixham. Elder went on his first fishing trip (10 fish!) Leaving me and little one to spend the day together. As you can see, we got our calcium daily quota quite early on. We walked all over town and ended up at the beach having a picnic. Sadly, Not a…

Girls allowed

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, truly. I’ve been in Brixham this weekend with some good girlfriends (like my present from them?!) and also managed to catch up with High and Dry in Brixham’s Vicky. She’s so lovely. We’ve had a wonderful, chatty, chocolate laden time. And I’ve loved it. But I miss my boys,…