I wrote that!



So, the recipe book. Or should I say The Recipe Book. I thought you’d like to see it in the flesh as it were.

I used old family shots together with my pics of quilts and stitchy goodness. Then I chose the recipes that had memories or interesting phrases (wrap yr brandy snap round a peg!). Et voila!

The verdict? The recipients have all said they love it so I’m pleased. I had/have some hefty production ‘ishooos’ however. Overall I’d recommend Blurb because the end product looks amazing and their customer service has been excellent but I’d also advise caution. Watch out for bugs.

Once you’ve made your final edits, leave the saved file for at least a couple of hours. I had a problem with them picking earlier versions to print. Twice. Don’t risk it, give them buffering time.

Also, you can order an ebook version which is implied you can share with friends by copying them in to your order. They actually get a link to the cover and the opportunity to buy their own version. Not clearly explained at all.

I’ve emailed them my thoughts on both glitches and they have excellent support in place. I’m still discussing the version-control prob but hope to agree soon.

But my book is very cool. Well, it is to me. I’m thinking about more books now. Oh dear.


4 responses to “I wrote that!”

    1. Thank you! Its a bit of a balance isnt it, I wanted to post about the book because I really like it and its a fab piece of software, niggles aside, that i think you could do so much with – but you dont want to be swanky about it iyswim. Tell me if I ever get swanky…


  1. It is such a lovely idea, you have inspired us!


    1. Thanks. Its such a fab bit of software, very easy to use. No theyre not paying me. It was a shame I had the version control problem as I had to hand out versions with a couple of typos remaining which was annoying but I hope to get it sorted soon with them. Must say their response time on dealing with queries etc is excellent too.


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