Same old same old

Just a quickie today.

It’s our first day back at school and Elder went without a wimper (phew) although there were a few excellent arguments going on in the playground by other, possibly more spirited young, desperate to avoid their lessons. Little and I have had our walk and customary hot chocolate with a very good friend and her 3 year old. Now I’m having a slurp of coffee before waking Little from his nap and wandering over to school to collect Elder. Ah, the rhythm of life, restored to normal again.

Is this a treadmill? If it is I’m loving it today. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and done the laundry too. This is dangerously close to domestication, I must be careful. And is knitting tonight…hurrah!

Anyway, since I quite often use this blog to moan I thought I’d document a slice of happy instead. I hope everyone is having a good day enjoying the familiar. Don’t worry, normal service will resume and I’ll have a rant soon, I’m sure. Take care.



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