Performing Seale (groan)

A modest little place
I blame Deadly Knitshade myself. She’s reawakend my love of word play – my sense  of pun as it were. Today’s post is about See, sorry about the post title, I couldnt resist it.
I’ve already given you a sneaky peek into their lavender lavatory here. So what is this place and what’ s it like?  It is a place for conferences, for therapies for those with physical and/or learning disabilities and a  refuge for  artists, crafty types and stitchers.
i found it because I was looking for the quilting shop, Serendipity, that used to be in nearby Bovey Tracey, also home of the fabulous Spin A Yarn shop (I love that shop). It was VERY quiet but then again it was a SUnday morning. But lovely. And very Arty. I like Arty. Here is a tree with laminated leaves. Like you do.
'the tree was getting cold darling'

Anyway, there are artists’ studios, a lovely cafe, a bistro, purple loos and a Souk! What more could you ask for? There was also a Gallery but I didnt get to that, Little One was ancy. Anyway, we’re going to go back to do a craft workshop at some point – maybe I’ll see you there….


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