back to school – part 1

i know its not September but when it comes to stitching I’m more than happy to be starting a new school every now and again. Inspiration  is a fine thing but technique translates that fabulous idea into the real thing. I find learning a new techique is quite often a catalyst for  a new idea too. Ah, the Circle of Stitching indeed. Cough.

So how can t’Internet help us out?  Here are some thoughts. Time is limited so I’ll post this in chapters as it were. First up are the rather fabulous tutorials that are avialble all over the place. Now you may have a favourite source but here are 3 I have known and loved.

 Attic 24 has a growing list of delicious crochet lessons on the left hand column of her home page. Lucy is rather famous in blogland and rightly so. I love not only her designs but the clarity of her instructions and the step by step photos that accompany them. I relearnt to crochet following her blog and made my ripple cushion with these instructions.  

There is also the mighty cut out + keep site, where tutorials gather like starlings on a summer’s night. You want to learn a craft? I’ll bet it’s on here and it’s all free! And, you can upload your own tutorials too and then link to your blog. They have a wizard (macro not magician) for writing the lessons and its pretty easy to do. Martha Stewart is a mine of info too btw.

Final offering from me is fellow Mumsnet blogger So Resourceful. She has been doing project after project for over a year  now and they are pretty damn impressive. Good instructions and realistic results. Me like.

Next time we’ll look at online courses, formal and informal. I’ve done both and had great fun with each approach.


3 responses to “back to school – part 1”

  1. […] and hopefully of use. Yesterday’s was about tutorials on the t’internet. It’s here if you want a peep. Do let me have any ahem, constructive advice… Advertisement […]


  2. I’ve popped over from MumsNet to say hi, I love Attic 24. Bight and colourful – even though I can’t crochet. Will await your next post, maybe I’ll find a crochet class!


    1. Thanks v much. I’m writing part 2 now…


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