Cushion the effect

I do like it when a plan comes together. Even when that plan is, shall we say hastily formed. Oh alright then, positively cobbled together.

Other Half is out tonight so I determined to tidy up the workshop spare room. I told you I live close to the edge. Of course, I started rediscovering some of my zillion UFOs. Dangerous. Want to see what I made?

I started with some vintage tapestry wool, some Rowan fabric I had left over from my Thankyou Cushion (on my Here’s one i made earlier page) and a piece of Attic24-inspired crochet I made a couple of years ago. And some hideous fancy yarn knitting I did Years Ago. And the rest is as shown…I’d write more but the photos are far more eloquent.







The Reclaimed Ripple cushion as I’ve christened it (just now) will live in the playroom I think. Schau mal!!! So there you go, tidying up Stitch This style!



  1. Love the story book pictures, thought it was a throw & then a scarf & totally surprised it’s…. A cushion! & a very lovely cushion & not a Christmassy colour in sight!

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