168 hours in a week….how do you use them? Hmmmmmm…

I just read this on the front page of WP’s ‘freshly pressed’ site from this blog. I haven’t read the post <shamed> but I HAVE got my calculator out and done some sums….

49 hours sleeping, 29%

32 hours working, 19%

8 hours commuting, 5%

7 hours blogging (at least), 4%

Ditto eating

About 10hours proper time with the boys, 6% – ouch, that hurts but it’s truE

About 14 hours with Other Half, 8%

Thats 75% of my week – where’s the rest?!?!?! A goodly proportion will be in the execution (I wish) of jobs and supervising teas, teeth brushing and tidying up.  But still, where does the time go? When I think about my ‘plate’ this is quite telling…my boys should have more time and where’s my ‘me’ time? Pass me the cake slice, I’m re-slicing my pie…

Id love to know your split, do tell.


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