I have a confession to make, I have another love in my life. I have been working on another venture and this weekend it took flight. I am now the founder of an arts space here in Stitchopolis. Can you believe it??  Check it out here.  Hope you like!


Over the last year or so, things have changed a lot as you know. I’ve been made redundant, got a new completely different job, crashed the car,found my inner cyclist, been up and down the road of Parkinson’s and spent lots more time with my boys.Peaks and troughs indeed. One of the things I saidContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”

On having friends…

The picture above is for a friend who was/is a Biba girl. Sometimes you take friendships for granted. Other times you hold them close. Every now and again you fling them far far away. Today was a hold close day. Not only does my friend make a mean coffee, she also tells it straight. WhichContinue reading “On having friends…”

What’s (in) your bag?

It’s Choose-day everyone ..and today I choose to get rid of chaos in my day. A big ask you might think but baby steps and all that…this morning was chaotic to say the least. I couldn’t find my headphones (big problem, my music laden walks are a treat in my day) and I’ve tidied myContinue reading “What’s (in) your bag?”

Down at the old Bull and Bush…

Back to work tomorrow. I have been getting used to not being frazzled so am a little worried but on the other hand my lists have been going very well today so I have to have faith, don’t I? Anyway, on to more cheerful stuff. I’ve been clearing the decks so as to reduce stressContinue reading “Down at the old Bull and Bush…”

Time management t’internet style

To Twitter. No, we are not conjugating the verb – I have dipped my toe in at last and thanks to the @mnblogger group it’s so far been an ace experience. But I can see already its an addictive vice and I’m already a risk due to Ropinerole (remind me to tell you about howContinue reading “Time management t’internet style”

Death to the sock monster!!!

First item to tackle is the laundry. I hate laundry. I have to embrace the beast though before He chews me up. I’ve done some research (ok surfing) and everyone says have a system. So here’s mine: one load everyday. Fold and put away previous load while current is washing. Iron once a week duringContinue reading “Death to the sock monster!!!”