Pink pox

Well, Little One appears to have succumbed to The Pox that has been raging throughout the leafy lanes of Stitch City (can you have lanes in a city, I wonder) so I am facing an evening catching up with the work I am currently missing due to nursing duties. However, LO is obviously feeling rubbish because he’s cranky and shouts and fond of the word ‘no’.
I just picked him up from nursery and they had to help me put him in his carseat, I just couldn’t hold him, my hands weren’t strong or fast enough. The shame. I swear that’s the worst part of PD. Everything else I can deal with with a rye smile, but not being able to pick LO up is just awful. I try not to think about it tbh but sometimes events force it upon me.
Anyway, enough of my moaning, what I wanted to discuss today was the healing power of baking. when in doubt, get the sugar out, thats what I say. I pulled out my new-ish favourite Jane Asher’s Beautiful Baking – its brilliant.Easy but very good recipes.
 Anyway, I fancied trying a new recipe so I went for the Almond Biscuits but made them pink in a distant homage to the spots appearing on LO, and because pink is happier than plain I find. Here’s the finished articles:

Better go, LOis crying poor spotty lamb.


3 responses to “Pink pox”

  1. Poor L0. I hope he recovers quickly.

    I’m pretty sure you can have Lanes in a city, BTW. Think of the way in which some cities gobble(d) up the surrounding smaller communities. Plus, what about Brighton? These days, Brighton-and-Hove is a city (it wasn’t when l lived there), but it is famous for its Lanes. And there’s a less trendy North Laine, which is surely just a misspelling.


  2. Biscuits look very tasty, try Rhus Tox homeopathy tablets they stop the itching


  3. Oh dear, is he feeling better yet? I can recommend Pox Clin. Biscuits look amazing!


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