I’m a celebrity, waft me out of here!

I always wondered at whether anybody actually ever got up to make breakfast muffins. I mean, let’s face it, 7 AM is not the best time to be playing with live matches, gas or indeed a fan oven. And those dreamy eyed shots of celebrity chefs whipping up something beautiful in the kitchen in aContinue reading “I’m a celebrity, waft me out of here!”

Appley ever after

Wow, here I am again! You can tell I’ve been at home with the boys can’t you? They’ve both had horrible colds- I’ve been running around feeding them bits and bobs and trying to keep them from killing each other at the same time. It’s amazing how much energy small children have even when theyContinue reading “Appley ever after”

Jumping jack flap

I found some of my old goals and resolutions written down the other day. And there, in black ink, was my overwhelming desire to make healthy breakfast bars. I know, most people want world peace. I just wish for something healthy to stop me eating chocolate at 10 AM. So, I actually tried it yesterday.Continue reading “Jumping jack flap”

Of berries and brothers

Today had the real feeling of the last day of summer. We spent it outside eating a long lazy lunch with lots of children running around screaming being neither Long or lazy. I baked all morning and made, amongst other things, a pie with homegrown apples and blackberries. I used self raising flour to makeContinue reading “Of berries and brothers”