Pass the oxygen….

It appears I’ve reached the heady heights of 102 followers….oooooo. Now, I know to most bloggers out there I still qualify as a cottage, nay Wendy house, industry but my fabulous followers have come of their own accord, no advertising or whatever you do in blogland…and we’re a tight knit community…hello everyone! THANK YOU!

Also, I must say thanks to Mumsnet, lovely ladies.

I’m also a cat’s whisker away from 10,000 hits – 10,000! Me! Spooky! I need to have a lie down. Shall we, in the meantime, do a little give away? I won’t publicise it, just for those of you who found your own way here already. I’ll have a riffle (is that a word? It should be in any case) through my various stashes of habby, fabric etc etc and come up with a goody pack. Well, it is Choose-day.

Check in in a day or so and I’ll have pretty pictures to tempt.



4 responses to “Pass the oxygen….”

  1. ????? mmmmm now what is the challenge?


  2. Methinks the word is “rifle”, but I like your neologism better.


  3. ah yes you are right, but it’s not as onomatopeiac (can’t spell it!) – riffle is more to the point Especially if you could see the size of the stash!

    Christine – I haven’t determined the giveaway’s structure yet but will report back shortly….


  4. […] I promised to say a textile style thank you for getting me to 100 followers and now (omg) 10,000 […]


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