Lets stick together

So, lets look forward…quite frankly, the present is too tedious to focus on…what’s coming up here at Stitchopolis? Well, my New Year’s Resolution was to declutter and Choose Life. I see no reason to abandon this goal. I’ve done some serious decluttering this year, actively and passively. And that means space. Space to create aContinue reading “Lets stick together”

What’s (in) your bag?

It’s Choose-day everyone ..and today I choose to get rid of chaos in my day. A big ask you might think but baby steps and all that…this morning was chaotic to say the least. I couldn’t find my headphones (big problem, my music laden walks are a treat in my day) and I’ve tidied myContinue reading “What’s (in) your bag?”

Lucky number one…

  I didnt forget!! Chococat did the honours (he tried to cheat, he’s a devil you know) and chose a winner from my first ever giveaway…. the winner….comment number 1….who was…. Congratulations to MadeByYoursTruly!!! if you email me your address, the goodies will be in the post post haste. I look forward to seeing whatContinue reading “Lucky number one…”

Clear the decks…

Spring is the time of new beginnings isn’t it? My resolution for 2012 was to Choose Life. Despite some hiccups I’m doing just that, slowly, slowly. So what’s the next step? It came to me at 3am a few days ago. I have to get back in the driving seat and get some direction backContinue reading “Clear the decks…”


Have you ever felt submerged by all the demands of life? I do, quite frequently if I’m honest. But then, I have quite a full plate, as do most working mothers I know. However, mix it up with the tendency towards insomnia that PD so kindly bestows upon the Chosen Few and you get anContinue reading “Decompression”

Pass the oxygen….

It appears I’ve reached the heady heights of 102 followers….oooooo. Now, I know to most bloggers out there I still qualify as a cottage, nay Wendy house, industry but my fabulous followers have come of their own accord, no advertising or whatever you do in blogland…and we’re a tight knit community…hello everyone! THANK YOU! Also,Continue reading “Pass the oxygen….”

Days in a year, clicks of a phone…

Sticking with thoughts on the passage of time I have recently joined up to the 365 project. You can find me here. I’ll try to remember to put my photo up on the right but if I forget just kick me. I’m enjoying taking pictures so much I thought I’d see what I can do forContinue reading “Days in a year, clicks of a phone…”

(yesterday was) Choose-day

I didn’t forget! This weeks choice was to get back in touch with some good friends I haven’t seen for AGES. They’re coming for a sleepover with their brood in a few weeks. Result. I’m liking this regime of choice. A lot. The picture is of an embryonic idea. Again. I do MEAN to finishContinue reading “(yesterday was) Choose-day”

Choose-day – Twitterific

After yesterday’s trials and tribulations today’s Choice was pretty easy – give myself a little ‘Me’ time. Well, I’m working today so that could prove difficult. And then I remembered that old-fashioned notion of the Lunch Hour. Remember them? Reader, I took it! Lovely, lovely Twitter proved perfect for finding a place to go (megaContinue reading “Choose-day – Twitterific”