A little light reading

Seeing as its just been half term here in the uk I thought we’d have a break from school and relax with a magazine or six. Ah, but no ordinary magazines, oh no. Here at i-stitch only the cyber will do so we’re going to have a wander through some of the crafty digital magazines. I’m a recent convert to this medium so am still finding out what’s out there but here goes…

So, why digital magazines first off? Many will start off with the undeniably worthy reason that it is by far the greener way to enjoy your magazines. No paper, no shipping, no production etc etc. my main reason is quite frankly,cost. Digital mags are , in the main, a lot cheaper than their paper cousins. Hurrah! What’s not to like? The other good thing is that if, like me, you like the overseas publications, you actually get them on time. Spring cleaning ideas from Martha Stewart in the Spring anyone? I like.

So, what mags are out there? I have scoured the t’internet and app store to bring you some ideas…my main port  of call is Zinio. You can also go to the individual magazine’s website and see what they offer. I’ve used Zinio the most because of the range and also because they keep sending me discount vouchers. What. A girl can be bought, can’t she?

Zinio have all sorts of crafty stuff, controversially filed under the Women’s interest section I may add. Sorry, all you male crafty types , you don’t exist in mag-land. What’s available? My recent subscriptions are to the mighty Marie Clare Idees, Martha Stewart living…oh, well, the pictures show you and your choices will no doubt be different.

But I must, must espouse MCI…good for brushing up on your French while getting great ideas and inspiration. All for over half the cover price. I LOVE this mag. There’s a group on Ravelry for it too.  And you can search their archives here. By colour!

Interweave are pretty good value too in that you get original patterns, ideas and a whole range of media. So far I’ve gone with one of their knitting titles KnitWear – very Japanese. Love it. There’s also one called Studios which is a Crafty Homes and Gardens – interior porn for the creatives.

The final thing I love (and the Martha mag excels at this) is that all those references to websites you get in mags ACTUALLY WORK. No remembering them, you just click! Brilliant! Obviously, the MS publications are good because they have fingers in many (homemade) pies but the principle remains. I love exploring t’internet. Anyway, that’s my unbridled enthusiasm logged. The funny thing is I don’t like e-books, but hitherto disposable mags? Count me in.


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