Lucky number one…



I didnt forget!! Chococat did the honours (he tried to cheat, he’s a devil you know) and chose a winner from my first ever giveaway….


the winner….comment number 1….who was….


Congratulations to MadeByYoursTruly!!! if you email me your address, the goodies will be in the post post haste. I look forward to seeing what you make with them. Thanks to my other commentators, you are much loved and appreciated 🙂


  1. Hurray!!! I never win anything!! Thank you. Will email you asap 🙂


  2. Hmmm [blush] – can’t work out how to email you. My email address is ~ would you be able to email me so I can send you my address? Sorry!


  3. izziedog says:

    Congratulations Madebyyourstruly, will also look forward to seeing what it inspires you to make


    1. stitch this says:

      me too! I’ve packaged it up. Will go in the post in the morning…


  4. stitch this says:

    Has it arrived?!?!?!


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