To potter…




My morning in pictures. Just me and Little One as Elder is off with OH at a Car Thing. We’ve had a lovely time. Tidying (me), shuffling around (both of us) and racing cars (LO). I’ve blocked my fir cone scarf, made some biscuits (honey, pear and raisins), play-doh-ed, sang the ravioli song LOTS and now LO is asleep and I’m having a cup of tea.

To potter is the best, isn’t it? Have a great weekend.


2 responses to “To potter…”

  1. sounds wonderful enjoy the rest of the weekend


  2. I love the Henry! I had a really sad time with a Henry. I broke my daughter’s ‘Henry’ and had to take it to the dump. It’s really heart-rending driving away, with it smiling at you across the abandoned fridges etc. I expect he’s still waiting for us to go back for him, with his trusting little smile; a bit like leaving your baby at school! Took me ages to get over that…


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