Solidarity, female stylee

I am a feminist. I have been lucky enough to have been able to get a good educashun, a good job and be independant. My mother and father did me a great service by ramming home the messaeg that education is a key to a better life. What I had never appreciated until I had the chidlren was how strong the bonds of friendship and support are amoungst my female compadres in Life’s Great Quadrille. My God, if we could just get ourselved organised we’d rule the world! That’s the subject of another post some time btw (why we don’t get organised). I have such good friends and family it’s unbelievable, and I’ve eulogised about them before. What I have never acknowledged before is how powerful and brilliant the support and information you get from the mighty Mumsnet is.

And why am I at the alter of Feminism and MN today in particular? Well, Ive been added as a featured blogger here. and I’m inordinately chuffed so Iwanted to say thank you and let them know how important they’ve been to me as I’ve negotiated some major changes in my life. Birth, death, pestilence….the lot. If you’ve not explored the site GO AND DO IT NOW!! Ignore the Internet grumbles about sweary types, it’s all the world in a teacup, I defy you not to find some information or advice that isn’t invaluable to you right now in your life. Enjoy. And swear if you want to, I know I do!


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