thesauraus (aka: aka)

I cried today. it wasn’t bad nor was it good But I wasn’t sad. i was tired, bone weary, dipped, inert. exhausted, plain sleepy, wrung out, not alert. sonambulant, just dozy, fatigued and clapped out knackered and frazzled, my brain had checked out. if Inuit have zillions of words to mean ‘snow’ i wonder howContinue reading “thesauraus (aka: aka)”

4 into 14 does go you know

It’s almost the end of April and I have been looking backwards while planning for the next chapter in my descent into Parkinsons. Does that sound depressing? Actually, it’s all quite liberating. My contemporaries are wrestling with work dilemmas and aged parental health problems while I am trying to decide what kind of artwork IContinue reading “4 into 14 does go you know”

Now, where’s my passport?

For surely I am bound zoo Oz with this edible treat…Gourmet Garden part 2 here we come. I gazed into the unlovely interior of my store cupboard and thought. And thought. And thought a little more. And what did I come up with? Store cupboard sushi stitch stylee…come this way… Take your sushi rice, rinseContinue reading “Now, where’s my passport?”

How does your Gourmet Garden grow?

So, you know by now I’m an avid mumsnetter and you may know that MN has an active bloggers network. Well, we were approached to take part in the Gourmet Garden blog/cook off competition. Now, I’m no Nigella but I do empathise with their slogan ‘fresh made easy’ and those of you who know myContinue reading “How does your Gourmet Garden grow?”

That was the day that was

So, this is meant to be my well thought out analysis of the Mumsnet Blogfest 2012. But then, hey, is that what you expect from me? Or can we cut to the chase and go with my gut reactions instead? More immediate dont you think…so here goes… Getting up at 4.50am kind of makes youContinue reading “That was the day that was”