The Maine attraction….

Well, I’ve been trailing this for a while and FINALLY my Downton Abbey swap parcel has arrived all the way from Maine. thank you sooo much Libbybrook (you can find her blog here, btw) Want to see what she sent me???

Ooooo a spotty ribbon, good sign.



Some very tasty looking Maine blueberry jam…and some fancy tea to sup with it.


Spookily, some grey alpaca yarn. Just like I sent her!!!! Great minds and all that. Im v pleased with this because saying goodbye to the other skein was hard…20120516-144618.jpg


Some lovely fat quarters (we share a love of quilting) in very nice taupey shades – very Japanese. I like. A lovely tea spoon (I htink) that you can use to scoop out your tea bag. Its going on my dresser, not  in my mug!



A book!!! I know ,it just goes on and on doesnt it? There was a lip balm too but my photo was rubbish. And the Maine attraction…tah-dah!!! Beeeeooootifull hand warmers with gorgeous buttons. She knows my weakness!




and that’s it – phew!!!! I urge you to have a go at an Internet swap. I love ’em. Hope fully you can see why now. THANKYOU Libby and THANKYOU Subway Knitters for organising the whole thing. I had a blast. Or should I say blarst, it is Downton after all!



One response to “The Maine attraction….”

  1. I am so glad you liked everything in the package. I couldn’t believe when I saw the yarn you sent me and knew that the one that I had placed in your box was almost exactly the same. The jam, tea, and lip balm were all made close to my home. I love to share a little of where I live with others. I had so much fun with this swap and will be blogging about the goodies you sent me very soon!!!


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