The Maine attraction….

Well, I’ve been trailing this for a while and FINALLY my Downton Abbey swap parcel has arrived all the way from Maine. thank you sooo much Libbybrook (you can find her blog here, btw) Want to see what she sent me??? Ooooo a spotty ribbon, good sign. Some very tasty looking Maine blueberry jam…and someContinue reading “The Maine attraction….”

Drive on…

So, I’ve already mentioned the Downton Abbey Swap I took part in on Ravelry.  Well, my spoilee emailed this weekend to say she has received my little shoebox all the way in Maine.  She said she likes the goodies, phew! Want to see?!!??! Look…. The basic idea was that you were knitting for your partner’sContinue reading “Drive on…”

Manhattan Abbey

Well, I’ve joined my first knitting swap. A US Based one, run by Subway Knits, based on Downton Abbey. Barking mad but then isn’t that what it’s al about when you get down to it? You can read about it here. I have answered the very detailed questions and await my allocation with, it hasContinue reading “Manhattan Abbey”