Feet first

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. When I first came to Stitchopolis I didn’t know anyone apart from Other Half. I have never worked locally, I prefer the attractions of commuterville I guess. Perhaps that may change but it was hard to make new friends. And then I met my NCT posse. What a great bunch of people, absolute life savers, all of them. We’ve seen the rough and the smooth together and they will, I hope, be my friends for life.

Why the fulsome words? You know I’m not too much of a fan of purple prose. Well, one of the gang needs some help for her lovely boy Daniel.

Daniel was born with cerebral palsy and as a result, uses a wheelchair. He is a lively, lovely boy. His parents have worked so hard to give him everything he needs but this time we need to pitch in together. There is an operation available in the States that could improve his mobility, give his greater independence, fulfill his great potential. The catch? It costs £54,000!!!! A little more than pin money I think you agree. So, the local community is doing all sorts of things to collect cash. I’m a little slow off the mark, I admit, but I’m brewing ideas.

So, watch this space and in the meantime, please go to Daniel’s site here and see all events and opportunities for further giving that are already arranged. The direct link to make a donation is here. Thanks v much.


2 responses to “Feet first”

  1. […] ladies what knit have been very lovely recently. I’ve told you about Daniel, the little boy who has been one of Elder’s friends from birth. His parents […]


  2. […] mentioned the helpdanielfindhisfeet campaign before. I’m so happy that they are almost at the £54k target. Amazing. One last push needed! Last […]


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