Eight feet high

I’ve mentioned the helpdanielfindhisfeet campaign before. I’m so happy that they are almost at the £54k target. Amazing. One last push needed!
Last night was our little shove, a dinner party where we charged the 7 guests £10 each and then challenged ourselves to make the entire spread on a £10 budget plus whatever was in our storecupboad. It was BYO obviously. I mean, booze too would be impossible.

Anyway, it was a roaring success I’m relieved to report. We invited a mix of folk who didn’t all know each other and that thankfully worked out well. So well I’ve had the grand total of 3 hours sleep! Yawn! And I cooked!!! Now, I dont normally do cooking but I did the starter and pudding and my friend, The Child Whisperer, made the main. We had:

Guacamole and toast
Beetroot risotto – a pink heart!!! Try this recipe, it’s delicious!

Walnut and Stilton tart
Chocolate sorbet with blackberry sauce – I’d do this in little dishes next time though.

And the blackberries came from my garden so we got a bit of foraging into the agenda too. In fact we sent some of the guests out to collect the garnish!

And a bowl of dosh at the end….the perfect digestif.


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