A good read

A brief discussion in knitting club tonight has led me to jot down my favourite reading fodder…this is a very basic list but I would be interested in any additions you’d like to suggest…

EM Forster’s Room with a View – i love how the main protagonists are trying to fit in but can’t deny their true selves. Beautifully written as are all Forster novels.

I like a good Orwell as a counterbalance to the lace and smelling salts of Forster. My favourite is Down and Out in Paris and London. The descriptions of life on the (often mouldy) breadline are disgustingly precise and real.

Original saucy but sophisticated chick lit. Intelligent, sensitIve and amazing. Definately my favourite female author.

vanity fair the best novel. Ever.

Antonia White thought provoking especially if, like me, you were brought up catholic.

the loved one all Waugh is fabulous. This one especially.

Possession by AS Byatt completely consumed me when I read it. As did Perfume by Patrick Sueskind. Both brilliant for total immersion.

And finally….I have read every Sherlock Holmes story written. I LOVE Conan Doyle. I know its not great literature but who cares, as you know I love a good yarn. Boom Boom. 🙂


2 responses to “A good read”

  1. A lovely list….Perfume is one of my favourites too, amazing story.


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