I’m with you, Groucho

When did you last sit down and read a book? I have to admit that, having formerly been a complete bookworm, I have been absolutely rubbish over the last few years. I could blame it on parentage of course, that really, it’s down to my scatter brain approach to life these days I think. IContinue reading “I’m with you, Groucho”


No sooner have I posted about whacky races but another first in Elder’s development. He has been loving the literary ahem, delights of Fleabag Monkeyface which we have been reading at bedtime.. Tonight he finally grasped that he could sit in bed and read it himself!! Yay!! He even came downstairs and said that heContinue reading “Milestone”

Blast from the past

So, I was wandering down Old Stitch Street with Little One when something caught my eye. A book. An old book. As old as me. Whoosh!! Time travel back to being about 5 and reading my favourite story. There it was, just sitting there! £4 later and it’s mine, all mine! Can’t quite believe itContinue reading “Blast from the past”

What shall we do today?

Elder and I had a lovely day together yesterday. We dropped Little One off at nursery and went for a cup of tea at Waitrose (BIG treat), caught the bus into town, forgot all about household chores for a while (me), was thrilled with a ‘well done’ sticker from the dentist (him) and mooched round theContinue reading “What shall we do today?”