Mona Lisa Smile. Or Not.

Well, another celeb joins the Parkinson’s club.


Bob Hoskins no less. I’m very sorry he’s had the diagnosis but I am very pleased he’s chosen to say outirght that he had Parkinson’s. Good man. I’ve been thinking about other well known people with Parkinsons. Turns out there’s a list. Go figure. Anyway, here’s my pick.

Mr Johnny Cash.


Janet Reno


Salvador Dali


Sir John Betjamin


Terry Thomas


there’s lots more but these are my favourites. An eclectic mix. Parkinson’s doesnt seem to give a fig who it hits. I hope Mr Hoskins will tough it out along with the rest of us. It’s a club no one wants to join but we can still have a laugh once we’re in it. Can’t we?


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