what did we do without twitter, the t’internet and blog land? Well yes, we probably read, chatted and looked around more. But we’d be more local than national or international and we’d be less able to shout out when we hear of unacceptable behaviour being passed off as legitimate.

Like this

Mammasaurus is way more eloquent than me. As is Kate at Craft on Sea . And here is the lady in question, she sounds lovely.

But in a nutshell is it unreasonable to expect a council house to come poo free? No one is thinking feature wallpaper and matching napkin rings is in the deal but a floor would be good.

Bloggers became real people to help dissolve the shoddy service provided by this council. But why did this happen in the first place. I’ll show you what I think of the council…


But the bloggers were magnificent. And are probably rustling up those matching napkin rings as a follow up. Way to go.


4 responses to “House?”

  1. Haha! Can I get you the Chief Exec’s address? :0)


  2. I am so in love with this knitted poo! Every time I think about it I have a little giggle, fantastic!!


    1. My son cuddles him at night! Yuk!


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